Customer Feedback – Our competence and passion for more than 30 years

Satisfying one’s own customers, keeping this satisfaction in the long term and optimally increasing it in such a way that customers become ambassadors for one’s own brand is a real challenge for companies of all sizes and in all industries, today more than ever before.

The solution for emotional customer loyalty is successful customer experience management (CEM or CX for short). This applies equally to products, services and processes. But how does it work?

The ways to measure customer satisfaction are as diverse as the customers themselves. Today, the data sources are much more diverse and extensive than in the past. Countless sources accessible via the Internet and huge amounts of data in companies are available. The options for questioning and observing consumers and customers are also smarter and more diverse today. Likewise, data analysis and presentation options have developed rapidly. But what increases customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and ultimately the success of a company?

The basis is a meaningful collection and intelligent structuring of customer feedback. This is exactly where we come in. To apply and link the various new, but also old techniques, so that obvious, but also less obvious causes for customer satisfaction and customer loyalty can be identified.

This need not and must not be limited to the collection of mere facts and figures. With our experience reports in the original wording (Voice of Customer or VoC for short), we take the customer’s perspective and thus also uncover causes that are not immediately apparent, surprise them and thus motivate them to act.

Our solutions for successful Customer Experience Management (CEM or CX for short) are based precisely on this combination of hard and soft facts. At the same time, our products remain flexible and adaptable to individual needs, even regarding company’s budget. Our brilliant and transparent CX software solution CLARALYTIX is already included in most products. And if our standard products don’t seem to fit at all, with our Solutions on Demand we offer the possibility to design a special solution together with you, from consulting to implementation and analysis.