TEMA-Q is the specialist for Customer Feedback

Our main focus is on our customer experience solutions to optimize products, services and processes based on experience reports and customer interviews. By means of our classic market research solutions we cover issues concerning customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, image research etc. in the B2C and B2B setting. Our services for company / institute market researchers are also one of our main targets. These supplier services cover secondary market research services such as CATI interviews, transcriptions, coding.

TEMA-Q was founded in 1990 as a provider for market research specialized on quality management of the automotive sector.

As one of the first sectors, the automobile industry then realized the immense value of the customer feedback in order to keep customers satisfied and enterprises successful. Meanwhile we are a full-service-institute offering a wide scope of services to a large number of industry sectors. We are always committed to make customers even more satisfied.

In order to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction it is essential for companies of any size or sector whatever to deal with the experiences of their users, customers, etc. to be able to react quickly to problems or necessary modifications. Is there any company that doesn’t want to keep its customers satisfied …? The possibilities to evaluate customer satisfaction are as diverse as the customers themselves.

Data sources have become much more diversified and comprehensive. The internet provides uncountable sources and companies have huge amounts of data at their disposal. Today there are more intelligent and target-oriented options for customer surveys or observations. Data analysis and illustration facilities have also developed continuously. But how is it possible to increase customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and last but not least company success?

It is still our aim to increase the quality of products and services to be successfully active on the market. Technology alone is not sufficient anymore. These new technological possibilities have to be mastered, intelligently linked and worked up, with the result that they actually can be used for improvement measures.

This is our starting point. We apply and combine various new and old techniques to discover more or less evident causes of customer satisfaction and loyalty. We do not only gather sheer facts and figures. Our experience reports in original wording even reveal causes which weren’t recognizable at first sight and thus are astonishing and motivating to take further action.

That is what we stand for: TEMA-Q – Technology and Management for Quality