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What is Product-Market Fit?

Product-Market Fit is the most important milestone in the development of a new product or service.

Product-Market Fit marks the transition from a product idea through product development to an offering with good growth prospects.

Product-Market Fit refers not only to the product, but encompasses all relevant aspects of the marketing mix such as pricing, distribution and communication.

Originally, the term product-market fit was used primarily in the context of start-ups entering the market with a new idea. However, the methodology can also be applied to new products and services within an existing company.

Product-Market Fit: A CX-Solution

Product-Market Fit is a Customer Experience (CX) Solution from TEMA-Q

  • It helps companies to identify which adaptations a (new) product or service needs in order to fit to a specific (new) market

  • Customers can very well describe their experiences with products and services. However, customers can rarely assess the sense of completely new products. An often-mentioned example is the Walkman, which would never have been developed based on a survey

  • With the CX solutions from TEMA-Q, based on the “Voice of Customer”, you can get very valuable information of your customers and understand their needs and problems and optimize your products and services

Who is Product-Market Fit for?

Product-Market Fit is for companies that:

  • Want to launch a new product/service

  • Want to launch a product/service in a new market

  • Already launched a product/service in a specific market and the results are not as desired

  • Already launched a product/service in a specific market and want to accelerate the growth phase


Investors ( venture capital for start-ups)

Product developers, product owners

Why do you need Product-Market Fit?

Your company offers a very new product with new possibilities and added value – or you enter a very new market

In contrast to other products or other markets, your company experiences a reluctance from the customers to buy the new products

The reasons are unclear, but it is assumed that the products do not fully meet the requirements of the customers

A Product-Market Fit survey is intended to

  • determine how the new product can be made more attractive for customers
  • determine the needed adaptations for the accelerated increase of sales figures

What is the added value from Product-Market Fit?

Accelerate the growth phase

  • With Product-Market Fit your investments in scaling the company (e.g., Marketing, Sales) lead to growth, because you know which are the benefits to highlight and which are the barriers to avoid for your product / service to be accepted and be attractive

Cost savings

  • You invest only in the rigth Marketing and Sales activities that lead to sales (you do not need to try different options)

    If you do PMF before launching the product, you can avoid later changes in already produced products and/or marketing activities


  • More than 30 years in international customer feedback have gone into Product-Market Fit. You can benefit from our experience, just like numerous DAX companies have already done.

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