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Customer Feedback – Our Expertise and Passion for More than 30 Years

Successful Experience Management is essential for companies to build emotional connections with both customers and employees. The constantly changing market and competitive conditions as well as changes in consumer and work behavior require a comprehensive understanding of the experiences of customers and employees. The relationship between companies and their stakeholders encompasses all touchpoints between customers, employees and the company.

As an Experience Management Company, we support companies in capturing, structuring and evaluating all impressions relating to products, services and the workplace. To this end, we have developed customized products in the areas of Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) that cover many typical use cases, but can also be adapted to more specific requirements.

Using our web-based software solution CLARALYTIX, departments can access the “voice of the customer” or “voice of the employee” in order to consistently align all internal actions with the needs and impressions of stakeholders. CLARALYTIX offers a wide range of evaluation options for optimal and transparent processing of the Customer or Employee Experience down to the original statement (Voice of Customer/Employee). It is already included in most products, but can also be booked separately.