The In-depth Customer Experience Solution for Customer Oriented Products

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What is Deep Dive CX Products?

Deep Dive CX Products uses openly conducted telephone customer surveys to determine the advantages and disadvantages of your products regarding all relevant features such as design, quality, usability, etc.

With Deep Dive CX Products, the ‘Voice of Customer’ is digitally recorded and transcribed so that no details are lost, and everything remains transparent and comprehensible.

By classifying the ‘Voice of Customer’, the content of the customer feedback is quantified in great detail.  An overall picture is obtained via aggregated KPIs, which can be broken down into their components. These in turn produce a detailed profile of strengths and weaknesses that is directly linked to the original statements made by customers.

Via the ClaralytiX web tool, the ‘Voice of Customer’ and meaningful CX metrics and evaluations are conveniently made available. Your employees get targeted access to the customer feedback that is relevant to them.

Deep Dive CX Products is the solution for optimizing products and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Who is Deep Dive CX Products for?

For companies that

  • want to further develop and optimize existing products

  • offer more complex products

  • are active in the B2B or B2C sector

  • operate regionally, nationally or worldwide

What is the added value from Deep Dive CX Products?

  • Clients:
    Optimise your products with Deep Dive CX and make your customers not only satisfied, but ambassadors of your brand.

  • Employees:
    Deep Dive CX brings your customers’ experiences to your employees in a targeted way and makes CX management a company-wide task.

  • Technology:
    Our web app ClaralytiX, developed specifically for CX   projects, is included in Deep Dive CX and makes   management, analysis and evaluation of CX projects simple   and efficient.

  • Experience:
    More than 30 years in customer feedback have gone into   Deep Dive CX.  Don’t take any risks – trust our   experience, just like numerous DAX companies have already   done.

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