Electric mobility is becoming increasingly popular and more and more consumers are thinking about switching to electric vehicles. However, amidst this growing enthusiasm and increasing demand, a challenge is emerging that is testing the patience of many buyers: the delivery times of electric cars. They are a decisive factor in the purchase decision that should not be neglected.

We asked the participants in our study how long they had to wait for their current electric car and how satisfied they were with the delivery time (1 = very satisfied, 6 = very dissatisfied). The results show that there are considerable differences between the various automotive groups and that long delivery times definitely result in a drop in satisfaction.

The average delivery time for all vehicles of our respondents was 4.7 months. But now let’s take a look at the differences between the brands just mentioned: Owners of electric cars from the Volkswagen Group, for example, had to wait an average of around 7 months for their vehicle to be delivered and rated their satisfaction as 2.5 on average. Models from the Hyundai Motor Group had an average delivery time of 4 months, with buyers rating their satisfaction at 1.9. Tesla owners only had to wait just over 3 months on average for their new car and also rated their satisfaction at 1.9.

Long delivery times may be due to the high demand for electric cars and the challenges in production. The switch to electric mobility requires significant investment and the adaptation of manufacturing processes, which can lead to delays. However, longer waiting times can deter potential buyers and cause frustration. Delivery times are therefore more than just a logistical detail. They can have a significant impact on the attractiveness of electric cars and buyer satisfaction and should therefore never be neglected.

In the next post, we will dive into the world of corporate electric mobility and focus on fleet management and the benefits for companies. Companies have a crucial role to play in promoting electric mobility, be it through the use of electric vehicles in their fleets or by expanding the charging infrastructure at their sites. Stay tuned to learn more about how companies are driving electric mobility and the benefits this brings.

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