The world of mobility is changing, and electric cars are playing a key role in this. Electromobility is no longer just a vision for the future, but a reality that is influencing and changing our everyday lives. To take a closer look at this exciting development, we are pleased to present our new series of posts: “Under power: A journey into the world of e-car drivers”.

We recently conducted a comprehensive survey of electric car drivers in Germany to gather their thoughts, experiences and insights. The study provides a fascinating insight into the lives and perspectives of those who are already embracing electric mobility. Over the coming weeks, our series of posts on our social media channels and in our TQ magazine will explore various aspects of these findings and delve deeper into the world of e-car drivers.

Here are some of the exciting topics that await you in our series:

1.       Reasons for buying e-cars: what drives people to make the switch?

We take a look at the motivations behind the decision to buy an electric car. Is it the environmental aspects, the cost savings or the technological fascination?

2.       Everyday life with an electric car: between reality and expectation

What is everyday life like for e-car drivers? We look at their experiences in daily use and how their expectations match up with reality.

3.       Electricity on the road: charging behaviour and infrastructure

A key topic – we take a look at how e-car drivers charge their vehicles, how the charging infrastructure affects their everyday lives and what challenging scenarios they have already encountered.

4.       What lasts a long time: Delivery times for e-cars

“Electric cars have infinitely long delivery times.” We ask ourselves whether this statement is really true and take a look at how satisfied owners were with the waiting time for their car.

5.       Satisfaction with the e-car

We also shed light on how satisfied e-car owners really are with their vehicle. Would they switch back to a combustion engine?

We would like to invite you to join us on an insightful journey into the world of e-car drivers. Immerse yourself in the stories of people who are already focussing on electromobility today and be inspired by their experiences and views.

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