Electromobility has experienced an astonishing upswing in recent years. More and more people are considering switching to electrically powered vehicles and the reasons for this are manifold. In our ongoing series “Under Power: A Journey into the World of Electric Car Drivers”, we’re taking a deeper dive into the topic today and taking a closer look at the key factors that are driving people to opt for an electric car.

Our findings are based on a survey we conducted with over 200 electric car owners, which provides revealing insights into the world of electric mobility. The results are clear: 85% of the electric car owners we surveyed did not consider other types of drive in the purchase decision process for their current vehicle. But what is behind this impressive development and why are more and more people considering switching from conventional combustion engines to the electric alternative?

Many people are opting for electric cars for financial reasons, as they are often cheaper to run. Our surveys clearly show that 41% of respondents cited lower running costs as a decisive factor in their choice. Compared to conventional combustion vehicles, electric cars score points for lower energy costs and less maintenance, making them more economical overall. In addition, government incentives and tax breaks often help to make the purchase of an electric car even more attractive.

Another important factor for 37% of respondents is the better environmental footprint of electric cars. Electric cars do not emit any direct pollutants such as carbon dioxide (CO2) during operation. This contributes significantly to the reduction of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. With the increasing presence of environmental concerns and growing awareness of climate change, more and more people are consciously opting for environmentally friendly mobility options.

Another outstanding aspect that stands out in our survey is the unique driving experience that electric cars can offer. One electric car owner summed this up: “To be honest, I don’t like anything less. I didn’t really want to buy a car anymore, at least not a combustion engine, until I test drove an electric car. The driving experience is really nothing like that of a combustion engine. For me, it’s absolutely unique. You immediately feel the power, so that’s great!” The immediate availability of torque and the quiet ride are just some of the advantages that electric cars offer and that make the driving experience so special.

The results of our surveys clearly show that electric cars are becoming increasingly popular and are becoming the first choice for many people. This trend not only has an impact on individual mobility, but also on the environment and society. The growing popularity of electric cars means that they are capturing an ever-increasing market share and are having a significant impact on future mobility.

In our next article, “Electric mobility and environmental protection: the facts”, we will take a closer look at the environmental benefits of electric mobility. We will examine how electric vehicles can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality in our cities. Stay tuned to find out more about the future of mobility and its contribution to environmental protection.

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