Electromobility is continuing its unstoppable triumph on the roads. But how do drivers actually rate their electrically powered vehicles? We asked the participants in our study this question to find out their satisfaction with electric cars. The results show that over 90% of electric car owners are (very) satisfied with their vehicle. Cars from Hyundai MG and the Tesla brand stand out in particular, with an impressive satisfaction rate of over 95%. But what are the advantages of driving an electric car compared to a combustion engine?

The electric car owners surveyed were enthusiastic about the acceleration, the absence of gearshift pauses, the pleasant recuperation when braking and the low-noise and low-vibration driving environment.

“Firstly, and the most important thing that is nicer about electric cars is the acceleration. Then no gearshift pauses. Then the recuperation, which is very important, i.e. the energy recovery when braking. Then there’s the fact that it’s quiet, low-vibration and no longer smells of petrol. Even on reflection, I can’t think of anything that would be worse.”

Another driver emphasised: “Everything is better, especially driving with one pedal, recuperation is super pleasant, especially in city traffic and stop and go traffic. You have your power immediately. Driving a trailer, for example, is also much more relaxed with an electric car than with a vehicle with a combustion engine with similar performance. It’s smoother, quieter and more comfortable.”

Despite the overwhelming satisfaction, the drivers also identified some challenges. In particular, long charging times and uncertainties regarding range are the focus of critical voices. One driver commented: “The long charging times and the fact that you basically can’t rely on the performance data are worse. It says 380 kilometres, but these are fantasy figures. I almost only drive in urban areas and I recharge relatively often because I have photovoltaics. So I’ve never actually driven empty.”

The satisfaction of electric car drivers is a clear indicator of the promising future of electromobility. In the next article, we will take a look at future trends and developments to understand which innovations will continue to drive the electric mobility industry. Stay tuned for the latest developments in the world of electric mobility.

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