The Customer Experience Solution for Greater Customer Satisfaction

What is Happy Customer?

Happy Customer is our cost-optimised solution for measuring and increasing customer satisfaction for the B2C or B2B sector.

Relevant customer groups are interviewed via structured telephone interviews or online surveys to obtain information on the topics that are currently important in your company.

Using meaningful key figures and valuable background information, you can reliably identify where and which improvement measures are necessary to bring satisfaction to the next level and to achieve your company goals in a customer-focused way.

Who is Happy Customer for?

For companies that, for example

  • want to know how their customers evaluate products, services or the entire company

  • need information on where customers see competitors’ strengths and weaknesses

  • want to know the reasons why potential customers do not buy from them

  • need to do a customer satisfaction survey as part of an ISO certification and at the same time want to collect valuable information

  • want to back up a SWOT analysis with quantitative data

  • work agilely and want or need to identify the (real) customer needs for the scrum process.

What added value does Happy Customer bring?

  • Optimisation:
    Concrete improvement measures and recommendations for action can be derived from the results in order to sustainably increase the company’s success.

  • Full service:
    You can take care of your daily business, we take over the conception and analysis and, if necessary, also procure suitable addresses.

  • Security:
    You can secure your business decisions with meaningful, reliable data.

  • Flexibility:
    We design customised study concepts and guarantee implementation at short notice

  • Fair:
    Only successful interviews are billed

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