The brilliant and transparent software solution for the evaluation of your CX

Who is ClaralytiX intended for?

For companies that:

  • Want to align their activities with their customer experiences

  • See CX as a responsibility for all employees

  • Want to digitize their customer experience management

  • Are looking for a CX web app that does not require IT expertise

ClaralytiX – The WebApp for Customer Experience Management

  • Offers up to 50 different evaluation options for your CX data

  • Makes CX project management easy

  • Shows areas of focus in the Voice of Customer, so you know where to start

  • Is team and responsibility oriented, so that everyone knows what to do

What is ClaralytiX‘s added value?

  • Transparency:
    KPIs can be easily and clearly traced back to the   voice of the customer

  • Up-to-date:
    Always up to date with impressive evaluations and graphics

  • Web-based:
    Company-wide access – sustainable, up-to-date and available worldwide

  • Integration:
    Can be integrated into other applications

  • Flexibility:
    Adaptable to the respective company requirements

Who can benefit from ClaralytiX in your company?

All those who deal directly or indirectly with customers, e.g.:

  • Management:
    How is the overall performance of the company   developing from the customer’s point of view?

  • Sales:
    What is going well in sales, where are the weaknesses?

  • Marketing:
    Why is a product not performing as hoped? Which marketing activities are successful?

  • Service:
    How well are services rated externally?

  • Development:
    What do customers miss about the current products? What do they find good or bad?

  • HR:
    What opinions do your own employees have about the company, colleagues and superiors?

  • Quality:
    How is the quality of products and services perceived?