Employee experience management – new-fangled bells and whistles?

In fact, employee experience does not have a particularly long history to look back on. In 2008, the first link between the well-known customer experience and a company’s employees was made in a scientific article.

To be honest, it has to be said that employee experience existed before that, of course, it just wasn’t labelled as such. Employees have been experiencing different things in their daily work context for centuries and all these experiences influence their satisfaction and attitude towards the companies they work for.

In 2013, however, Mark Levy was the first to have this new designation in his job title as “Head of Employee Experience” at Airbnb. Since then, many “Managers of Employee Experience” or “Employee Experience Specialists” have followed him. In general, more and more attention has been paid to the topic in recent years and the Covid pandemic has reinforced this HR trend.

In a survey conducted by LinkedIn among “talent professionals” in 2020, 96% stated that employee experience is becoming increasingly important. It is therefore not an option to turn a blind eye to this topic. Skills shortages, increased employee churn or even dissatisfaction among employees. All of these problems show how important it is to focus on employee satisfaction.

Employee experience management is therefore not a new-fangled gimmick. It is a reaction to prevailing problems and a solution approach that utilises years of experience in the field of customer experience. Why should only your own customers be delighted? Isn’t it at least as important that your own employees enjoy coming to work, feel comfortable in their team, recognise the meaningfulness of their work and recommend the company to others out of their own conviction?

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