Moments that matter. What exactly does this mean?

The term “moments that matter” refers to key employee experiences in a professional context. They are characterised by a pronounced emotional involvement and play a decisive role in setting the course for the relationship between individuals and the company they work for.

There are many such moments throughout the entire employee journey. Starting with the job interview, through the first day in the new job, to feedback meetings with superiors. In all of these moments, companies should endeavour to take the needs and wishes of employees into account as much as possible. Needs such as psychological security, social affiliation or appreciation of one’s own person and performance are rooted in all of us.

It is precisely these “soft” factors that make the difference when it comes to employee satisfaction. A good salary and functioning processes in the company alone are not enough. In order to position your own company as well as possible in the area of employee experience, the employee experience should be optimised in a targeted manner. Of course, strategic corporate goals must also be taken into account here, but the focus of the measures is on employee satisfaction, which should be raised to the best possible level.

In order to find out which “moments” are currently still lacking, ad hoc surveys can be carried out. This means, for example, that employees are asked about their experiences after the onboarding process or after overcoming a crisis situation. If a company succeeds in sustainably improving the “moments that matter” based on the results of such surveys, this can have a positive impact on the entire organisation.

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