Employee experience should never be neglected. We have discussed the reasons for this in detail over the past few weeks. But how exactly does it actually work when I decide to conduct employee experience studies? When is the right time? What do I need to consider? What can I expect?

We would like to address these questions in the near future. Today we start with the question “WHEN?”.

First of all: there is no one right time to conduct employee experience studies. Depending on the desired output or the motives behind the study, it is also important to choose the timing carefully. One possibility would be to survey the mood of the entire workforce at regular intervals. In such a case, you have to decide on a rhythm (e.g. once a year) and then always carry out the employee survey or have it carried out when the period is over again. With such a strategy, overarching changes in employee satisfaction or current worries or concerns can be recorded. If there are problems in certain departments or with certain topics, this can also be recognised over time.

Another option would be to implement a regularity of surveys at the individual level. This means, for example, that every new employee is asked about the relevant topics when they are hired, during onboarding, after the probationary period, after a year at the company, … and even when they leave the company. In this way, problems can be identified at an early stage at an individual level and structural anomalies, such as frequent dissatisfaction during onboarding, can be uncovered in the totality of all these surveys.

Finally, there is also the option of conducting ad-hoc surveys that are not subject to regularity or are very limited in time. For example, change processes can be accompanied by asking employees about their well-being and concerns before, during and after the implementation of the changes. In this way, dissatisfaction or uncertainties can be eliminated during the ongoing process and important lessons can be learnt for comparable processes in the future.

As mentioned at the beginning, there is no one right time. Employee experience is such a multi-layered construct that there are also a multitude of possibilities as to when the right time for such a survey is. It is only important to think about the purpose of the study in advance and then derive from this when it really makes sense and is likely to be successful.

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