The 4 Ps of Employee Experience.

When talking about the concept of Employee Experience, the following 4 Ps can be used as a guide: “People”, “Place”, “Product” and “Process” form the framework that depicts the Employee Experience. But what is behind the terms?

“People” refers to relationships with colleagues and/or customers. As social beings, people are significantly influenced by social interactions. This applies just as much to the professional context as it does to the private sphere. A good relationship with the team and also with superiors is largely responsible for employee satisfaction.

“Place” describes the physical environment in which employees are located. Do they work on site in the office or remotely from home? How is this working environment designed? Is it inspiring and does it offer the necessary framework conditions to be able to work undisturbed without hindering the necessary dialogue with colleagues?

“Product” means the work itself. It is essential that employees can identify with the company, but also with their specific tasks. The work should be meaningful and neither over- nor underchallenge the employees.

“Process” comprises the rules and tools that employees are given. If employees are thwarted in their creativity and work flow by rules and bureaucracy, this can quickly lead to frustration. The same applies to a lack of available resources. If employees lack the tools they need to complete their tasks, this leads to a drop in satisfaction.

There are therefore many different aspects that should be taken into account when considering the employee experience. The totality of the factors mentioned forms the basis for a high level of satisfaction among employees. If one of the points is neglected, the other points can only compensate for this to a limited extent. Employee experience management requires a holistic approach that always keeps all 4 Ps in mind.

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