Do you want to conduct a CX study but don’t know where to start? Over the next few weeks, we will explain to you how the whole process works step by step if you decide to work with TEMA-Q.

You have already completed an essential part of the preparatory work: you have made the decision to carry out a customer experience study or to have one carried out. Now there are various options. Either you already have a very concrete idea of the content, design and procedure of the survey, or you know what your goal is but do not yet have any concrete plans on how to achieve it.

In both cases, you are welcome to approach us with your request. As a first step, we will then look at how your ideas can be implemented and support you in developing a study concept if you have not yet worked one out. With over 30 years of experience in the field of customer experience studies, we know which methods suit your objectives and how we can ensure the best possible data quality for the subsequent derivation of suitable measures.

TEMA-Q has specialized primarily in the field of CATI surveys. Our own CATI studio has many experienced interviewers who enable us to conduct in-depth interviews with your customers, even on complex issues. We attach particular importance to collecting the so-called Voice of Customer, i.e. original statements from customers, from which you can later derive recommendations for action that are much more accurate than recommendations based solely on ratings. However, if you prefer an online survey or would like to use it in addition to the telephone survey, we can also implement this without any problems.

We have experience in surveying customer satisfaction with both products and highly complex services. Regardless of the area of your company in which you would like to conduct such a survey, tell us your goals and ideas and we will work with you to agree an individual study concept.

Once this concept has been agreed, the next step is to carry it out. We will explain what this phase looks like in the next article.

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