Once the data from your study is available in transcribed and coded form, it’s time for the analysis. Without a proper evaluation, you will hardly be able to derive and implement meaningful improvement measures.

At this point, TEMA-Q always offers you exactly the solution that suits you and your company. Let’s start with an admittedly very simple variant: You want to carry out all evaluations yourself and only need the processed raw data. In this case, we provide you with the required data and you take care of the subsequent evaluation.

However, it is often the case that companies do not want to take care of the evaluation of the survey results on their own. One option at this point would be for us to examine the questions you have specified and carry out the necessary evaluations. We can make the complete results available to you in the form of a clearly presented results report. If you have any questions, we are of course always available to help you draw the most important conclusions from the evaluations.

If such a results report is not enough for you and you would prefer to carry out targeted analyses yourself without having to sit in front of the raw data at the beginning without a point of reference, you can benefit from our “ClaralytiX” web app. It helps to identify key points in the customer statements and thus shows starting points for future improvements. It also ensures complete transparency. KPIs can be easily and clearly traced back to the Voice of Customer. In addition, you always receive the latest evaluations and graphics and are therefore always up to date with the results of your CX studies. The exact design of the application depends entirely on your individual requirements. Employees from a wide range of company departments (management, development, quality management, marketing, etc.) can access this tool and thus retrieve the latest data easily and across departments at any time.

Of course, you can also combine the options described above. It is therefore no problem at all for you to gain insights into the results of your study yourself via ClaralytiX and still receive a clearly presented results report from us.

Once the analysis of a study has been completed, our work is usually done. But one more thing needs to be said: After the study is before the study! We wouldn’t be surprised if you soon commission the next customer experience study.

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