Satisfied employees or not: what exactly does a company gain from EX management?

The benefits of EX management are manifold. Firstly, there is the increase in employee commitment. When employees recognise the purpose of their work and the working atmosphere is good, this makes them feel connected to the company. This increases motivation and, as a result, an increase in employee and team performance can often be recognised.

Another positive effect of actively managing the employee experience is that trends in the corporate and management culture can be recognised at an early stage. These can then be addressed or counteracted in a targeted manner. In addition, dissatisfaction with future prospects can be uncovered. Here, too, active action can be taken so that the employees concerned can reduce this dissatisfaction.

Ideally, all these small interventions and approaches will ultimately result in a reduction in employee turnover and an increase in the recommendation rate and the number of positive reviews from talented employees within the company. This is an ideal starting point in the current highly competitive skilled labour market. Honestly enthusiastic employees who voluntarily recommend their employer to friends and acquaintances or online are the best thing that can happen to a company’s employer branding.

Satisfied employees are therefore not the only positive result of active EX management. Used correctly, its benefits can go much further and attract new talent beyond company boundaries.

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