In this final article, we look back on the fascinating journey into the world of electric mobility. The series of articles “Under power: A journey into the world of electric car drivers” provided deep insights into the thoughts, experiences and perspectives of electric car drivers, illuminating the many facets of this mobility revolution. From the beginnings of electromobility to the everyday lives of drivers and future trends and developments, we gained interesting insights. Our findings are based on an in-depth survey of over 200 electric car owners, which provided us with revealing insights into the world of electric mobility.

  1.        Reasons for buying electric cars: The reasons for switching to electric vehicles are multifaceted. Our survey shows that ecological responsibility, financial considerations and enthusiasm for innovative technologies influence the decision. The lower operating costs and government incentives play a decisive role.
  2.        Everyday life with an electric car: Electric car drivers surprise not only with above-average annual kilometres, but also with their high level of satisfaction in daily use. The driving comfort, the impressive acceleration and the conscious use of charging times characterise their experiences.
  3.        Electricity on the road: Charging infrastructure is a key issue. Private charging options are dominant, but day-to-day challenges in public areas, such as the blocking of charging stations and unreliable charging apps, show that there is still room for improvement.
  4.        Delivery times for e-cars: Increasing demand is leading to longer delivery times. Tesla owners are on average the most satisfied with the (comparatively shortest) delivery time of their car, while longer delivery times generally have a negative impact on buyer satisfaction.
  5.        Satisfaction with the electric car: Over 90% of electric car owners are (very) satisfied. The unique driving experience, environmental friendliness and low operating costs are the main reasons for this.
  6.        Outlook for the future: The integration of autonomous driving functions, advances in battery technology and the expansion of the charging infrastructure are key trends. The survey shows that the willingness to use autonomous vehicles is strongly age-dependent.

Electromobility is evolving rapidly and we hope that this series has given you a comprehensive insight into this exciting world. We look forward to the exciting developments that this innovative industry has in store for the future.

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