Our customers and even our potential customers have inspired us to create this online magazine.

What is the goal of our TQ Magazine?

Our highest motivation is to help companies successfully achieve their goals and thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

The world of Customer Experience (CX) offers incredible opportunities to do this for all industries and for all diverse areas of any business.

However, not everyone knows how CX can be used in their own specific case or what results and added value can be achieved from it.

TEMA-Q GmbH, with 30 years of experience in this field, would like to answer these and other questions with the TQ magazine and provide useful information, suggestions and stories, which on the one hand should bring the understanding of the customer experience world closer as well as explain the speciality and added value of our methods, employees and way of working.

To whom is the TQ magazine directed?

“The customer is king.” Only satisfied customers bring sustainable success to the company.

That’s why customer experience is not just a matter for top management but should be seen as a task for all employees.

Everyone who deals directly or indirectly with customers can benefit from TEMA-Q GmbH’s customer experience solutions and will therefore find interesting articles in TQ magazine:

  • Management: How is the company’s overall performance developing from the customer’s point of view? Which KPIs are important from the customer’s point of view? Which activities make sense? Which can be discontinued to save money?

  • Sales: What is going well in sales, where are the weak points? How can the growth phase be accelerated? How can sales in foreign markets be optimized?

  • Marketing: Why is a product not performing as hoped? How can the success of marketing activities be measured and improved? How can content be obtained for this from customer feedback?

  • Service: How well are service assessed externally? What added value do they offer compared to the competition? How can service be improved?

  • Development: What do customers find lacking in the current products? What do they find good, what bad? How can ideas be generated from customer feedback? What is necessary for international markets?

  • HR: What is the motivation of your own employees and how does it contribute to the company’s success? How can the “Voice of Employee” be used for process optimization, cost reduction, generation of new ideas, etc.?

  • Quality management: How is the quality of products and services perceived? What quality standards are expected by customers in order to have competitive advantages?

Which topics will be found in TQ Magazine?

You will find topics that provide answers to the above questions.

You will also find news from the world of customer experience, success stories from TEMA-Q projects and results from our special studies.

In order to get to know us more personally, employees will write about their work.

Interviews with experts from various industries are also planned.

If you are interested in a special topic that you haven’t found here yet, please let us know.

Who are the authors?

In order for you to benefit from our interdisciplinary know-how and different writing styles, you will find articles by several people here, mostly from our staff, but also from specially invited guests.

TQ Magazine is thus as “colorful” as our staff, who bring a good mix of technical, business, social science and marketing backgrounds.

Good luck and enjoy yourself!

Good luck and enjoy yourself.

If you would like to know more about a specific topic, use one of our services, or talk to us about designing a custom solution for you, write to us at:


We hope you enjoy reading this article and, above all, that you will experience many business successes through Customer Experience and, at the same time, make your customers more satisfied.

We’d love for you to visit TQ Magazine more often.


Jacqueline Pirkelbauer – International Sales Director