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17.March 2022

Increase Product Quality and Reduce Quality Costs – The Customer as Quality Manager

17. March 2022|Methods|

Why are German products so popular, especially in the technical and B2B sectors? "Made in Germany" is a seal that stands for the high quality of products worldwide. This is achieved through the use of the latest technologies, but also through well thought-out quality management systems and the consistent optimization of production processes.

1.February 2022

On Time and yet too Late …

1. February 2022|Methods|

There are many reasons why companies should consider customer satisfaction as one of the most important KPIs in a competitive market. An "extremely” satisfied customer brings in 14 times more revenue than a "merely" satisfied customer. It is also much more cost-effective to retain customers than to acquire new ones.

14.September 2021

Successful New Product Development – The Customer as Developer

14. September 2021|Benefits/Areas of application|

Development work is cost-intensive. How do you get well-founded input for successful new product development? How do you determine the actual strengths and weaknesses of existing products? Where are the potentials for improvement that are truly important to customers and lead to purchasing of the new products?

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