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More than 25 years ago, TEMA-Q was founded as a provider for market research specialized on quality management of the automotive sector. By now we offer a wide scope of innovative customer experience and market research solutions. Despite this diversification, the automobile industry remains one of our main topics.

We have developed special versions of our customer experience and market research solutions particularly for the automobile industry. These solutions deal notably with the requirements of this sector.

Apart from that we offer a large number of technical solutions particularly for the automobile industry. Below we present a few of them.

Concept-Q Automotive

Concept-Q Automotive uses drivers‘ experience reports to establish strengths and weaknesses of an existing car concept, it shows improvement potential and helps to improve the market opportunities of the next generation.

Concept-Q Automotive can be applied to cars as a whole as well as to individual components such as chassis or assistance systems.

Due to an increasing market saturation and manifold competition, manufacturers of cars and car components are forced to update and optimise their product portfolio constantly. New developments mean high investments, but the customer’s acceptance remains uncertain.

Product innovations often fail because they only meet the personal ideas of the developers and do not take into consideration market demands. Or the customer’s opinion is detected rather accidentally and you get neither a methodical nor a neutral impression of the opinion of the customer.

Concept-Q Automotive offers a solution: Car drivers are consulted comprehensively about their everyday experience with their car. These descriptions will be analysed, structured and summarised in order to obtain various approaches for product enhancements.

Customer feedback for car dealerships

By means of telephone calls or online interviews after a visit to a car dealership, we check whether the inspection or repair work has been completed to the customer’s satisfaction.

Possible dissatisfactions can quickly be identified and procedures within the garage can be adapted as soon as possible.

This kind of interviews are mostly automated via defined interfaces and offer a very efficient performance.

The current status of customer satisfaction can be retrieved for each car dealership via web-based online-reporting, and special peculiarities are indicated automatically. Consequently there are no time-consuming analyses at the car dealership and no  specific knowledge is required. Furthermore, it is possible to set up levels of escalation to react as fast as possible to particularly problematic cases.

Mystery shopping for service and sales

Mystery studies offer objective and detailed checks of behaviour and work quality of service and sales.

A large number of issues concerning service or sales are examined directly in the setting of providing services. Not only objective features, such as work quality and compliance of specified procedures, can be measured, but also abstract features such as expertise, motivation, kindness or sales orientation.

In addition specific situations, in which employees have to cope with particular demands, can be simulated.

Driver database for studies on competition

Especially for the automotive industry, we conduct a large driver database consisting of drivers who are willing to participate in interviews or garage service tests.

The database consists of several hundred thousand datasets as well as many criteria with regard to the existing vehicles such as brand, model, initial registration date, equipment features, etc.

Therefore a lot of studies can be realized where no own customer addresses can be applied or where a comparison with competition vehicles is desired.