Services for market researchers

The following services are important components of our market research and customer experience solutions. In addition to our full service we are providing each of them also as a detached service for market researchers of companies and commercial or public institutes.

CATI telephone interviews

For many tasks in market research, CATI telephone interviews are still the most efficient and methodically advantageous method of collection.

In addition to aspects such as good accessibility, high response and representative samples, an often overlooked advantage of telephone interviews is the personal dialogue between interviewer and interviewee.

We have conducted telephone surveys within Europe for more than 20 years in our in-house CATI telephone studio.

Beyond all methodical innovations we always focus on the people. The expertise of our interviews is therefore a major issue for TEMA-Q. Only interviews that create a comfortable atmosphere provide significant and high-quality information.

We expect the highest standards of our employees‘ performance on the telephone and the interview process. Over 97 % of all respondents agree to further contact – a proof for interviews of high quality.

Online interviews

You want to carry out an online survey, but the required resources and capacities to conduct it yourself, are not available to you.

We provide support for programming, hosting, inviting participants and reporting, regardless of the complexity of the project.

The latest software generation provides us with a solution for most application cases. Via manifold user-network interfaces, online interviews can be smoothly integrated in internal processes, interviews on defined events can be started, data bases can be integrated in interviews and multimedia-based topics can be illustrated or combined with other surveys.

Proband recruiting

You want to carry out a survey, but you don’t have any suitable probands yet. This is where we come in.

Specifically for Germany, Austria and Switzerland we are recruiting probands for focus groups, service and sales tests, garage service tests and others, according to individually agreed criteria.

We recruit probands or make use of our comprehensive database containing prospective probands and stored profiles. It helps us to make precise preselections compared with your requirements.

We invite probands according to your demands and provide incentives. This enables you to keep your mind on conducting your survey.

Coding service

Open questions are an important component of interviews, which enables the conversational partners to express their opinions and proposals freely and detailed.

Our coding-team has many years of experience in the codification of major market research projects.

Our self-developed coding software also enables a uniform codification for major projects with complex code systems.


The audio recording of our often used experience reports (“Voice of customer”) is written down verbatim by our in-house typing service TEMA-Text.

Since 2008 our typing service also performs the transcription of socio-scientific interviews and group discussions for companies and public institutions.

The transformation from digital recordings to lettering is carried out according to all popular transcription rules, such as GAT, Hoffmann-Riem or Kallmeyer/Schütze and according to individual specifications.

In addition our in-house typing service takes over the acquisition of lectures, videos, questionnaires etc. as well as medical texts.

Read more on the homepage of TEMA-Text.