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Customer-Q – Customer satisfaction

It is indisputable that customer satisfaction is of particular importance for the success of a company. This applies to the products themselves as well as to all services around them.

Satisfied customers tend to be less engaged in search for competitive offers. It is more likely that they communicate their satisfaction to new customers and make recommendations. It is also more likely that they are willing to pay more for particular services. A high percentage of satisfied customers serves as a basis for the company’s success.

Our solution Customer-Q is a multi-level method for systematic planning, conducting and implementation of customer satisfaction studies.

Starting with an initial analysis of the customer‘s wishes and problems, the essential satisfaction factors are determined and applicable targets groups can be selected. Survey conduct is completed by practice-orientated evaluation and interpretation of the results.

Business-Q – Business evaluation from the customer’s perspective

Business-Q impartially analyses the company performances, such as quality of products, services and customer-relevant processes, from the customer‘s perspective.

In conclusion, Business-Q optimizes the market orientation of the entire company and hence strengthens its competitiveness.

For Business-Q, the customers are the driving force for constant improvements and further developments in all business units.

Aggregated key figures supply an overview of the company‘s performance quality from the customer’s perspective. By means of detailed and authentic customer statements in the original wording, technical departments are able to exactly analyse problems and consequently initiate specific improvement activities.

The criticism does not come from within the company, but is expressed in a neutral way by the customers. As a consequence, improvement activities are more likely to be accepted and are realized highly motivated and rapidly.

Quality-Q – Product quality

The importance of product quality, particularly for high-class consumer or capital goods is widely accepted, and determines success or failure of a brand.

Data needed for quality management are often obtained from internal sources, as this information is readily available.

However, customer perceptions of quality can differ significantly from internal sources. Relying on internal information alone can lead to quality problems being detected too late and wrong priorities. Unnecessary warranty and goodwill costs as well as annoyed customers are a consequence.

Our solution Quality-Q turns the customer into the standard for quality management.

Quality-Q helps to focus all internal quality efforts on customer-relevant issues. Simultaneously, product quality can be increased and quality costs can be reduced.

Extensive interviews are applied as a basis to establish a constant and loss-free flow of information from customer to management and technical departments. Integrating this information into internal processes helps to detect and eliminate quality problems.

Concept-Q – Development & Innovation

Increasing market saturation and fierce competition force companies to continuously modernize and optimize their product range. New developments of this kind imply high investments for every company while the customer‘s acceptance remains uncertain.

Product innovations often fail because they are based on the developers’ perceptions instead of market needs.

In some cases, customer opinion is collected by accident only, for example by the manufacturer’s sales force, leading to a picture of customer opinion which is neither neutral nor systematical.

A third risk is the non-detection of competitive products’ advantages on time, thus initiating new developments too late or misdirecting them entirely.

Concept-Q provides the solution: Existing customers are examined in comprehensive interviews on their everyday experience with a product.

These statements are analysed, structured and screened to deduce various approaches for product improvements.

Loyalty-Q – Customer loyalty and choice of brand

An increasing comparability of consumer goods turns a strong brand loyalty into a basic success factor for all premium manufacturers. Brand loyalty serves the implementation of premium amounts and prices. Repurchasers loyal to brands often represent the majority of customers.

Knowing the affecting values on brand choice offers companies the possibility to affect brand loyalty specifically – a considerable competitive advantage.

Loyalty-Q provides basic information such as a quantitative measurement of brand loyalty and customer movements as well as the reasons for brand loyalty and brand change.

Applying Loyalty-Q is especially reasonable for manufacturers of premium products who have a strong brand character or want to build up such a brand character. Loyalty-Q offers the required basis of information to increase brand loyalty.

There is a wide range of application areas from technical domestic appliances and information and communication products to the automobile industry.