Successful customer experience management (CEM or CX for short) is the basis for emotional customer loyalty for companies. The constantly changing market and competitive conditions as well as a change in consumer and purchasing behaviour require a far-reaching knowledge of customer experiences. The customer relationship encompasses all touchpoints between the customer and the company.

As a customer experience company, we support companies in capturing, structuring and evaluating the totality of customer impressions around a product or service. For this purpose, we have developed customised products that cover many typical applications, but can also be adapted to more specific requirements.

Via our web-based software solution CLARALYTIX, the departments can access the “voice of the customer” in order to consistently align all internal actions with the customer’s opinion. CLARALYTIX offers a wide range of evaluation options for an optimal and transparent processing of the customer experience down to the original statement (Voice of Customer or VOC for short) of the customers. It is already included in most products, but can also be booked separately.

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